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BEWISE News and Links

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BEWISE News and Links
by aydın sarıkaya - Sunday, 6 May 2018, 12:51 PM

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Video Links


eTwinning Project Profile Link:


 EU LLP Commenius Project BEWISE 2012-2014 resource links:


Cooperated Institutions and Organisations for BEWISE schedule


 For Images of Project Durations: 

January2013-MAHCAL students in Ankara Unv Observatory



February2013 BEWISE London SJC Meeting  (pdf.en)  (


Seconds from Bewise 1st Presentation Experience of members in SJC:

Slides "Space and Future" in SJC:


March2013 -Studens in METU for seminar on particle physics :

9Videos (tr) :



 March2013-BEWISE Meeting in Rouen BPL:


5 Videos about "Particles" in BPL :

on youtube:







Presentation of SOLEIL Research Center in Paris:


Presentation of Rouen BPL in CERN


Reflections of BEWISE SJC Team:


Disseminations in Ankara by MAHCAL team- 2013 April-May

1-Disseminations for all MAHCAL students;

2-Stand Presentations for Ankara Altındağ Distc. Educ. Dirct.


2013 September Disseminations in Ankara by MAHCAL Project students team

1-Seminar for Altındag Esenevler Anatolian High School Students (11th classes)(tr)


2-Seminar for Altındag Halim Şaşmaz Secondary School students (7th classes -tr) 

2nd Meetings and Links of BEWISE teams (November2013-April2014)

October 2013 2nd Rouen Meeting:


December2013 Ankara Unv. Institute of Accelerator Technologies

 Video (tr) :



January 2014 2nd London Meeting-(Pdf-tr)


-Imperial College London


Facebook Bewise Group Link


 Musical Activity by teams in SJC:


Students Performances on "Teaching Science For Primary Levels" in SJC:


April 2014 Final Ankara Meeting (pdf)


MICROSCOPES "SEM & TEM" in METU presented for BEWISE team:

 Surface Science Experiments:


An interview during Painting Activity of team in Ankara Rahmi Koc Technology Museum


A Drawing Album of content by MAHCAL 11th Class students-2014


Mixing Sounds  of "CERN and a Public Ritm". Study by an 11th Class Student from MAHCAL:


A Prezi Presentation by MAHCAL 9th Class student-March2013


Outcomes by Project Mobility students on  Content




Dark Matter:

Cosmic Rays:

Effects of Cosmic Rays:

Particle Physic:

How is Detection

Gamma Rays in Medicine:

Hadron Therapy:



Reflections of Project Meeting by Rouen BPL:


 Two Students Portreits from Ankara in stages of project duration:


eTwinning Blog:


Ebook:(pf): Astronomy,Particle and Surface Sciences




by Ankara Coordinator Aydın Sarıkaya

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